Who built onlineflycentral.com and why?

Hi. My name is Richard Primeaux. I am a Texas fly fisherman who loves to fish our state´s fresh and saltwater resources. When I can´t be on the water or at the tying bench I love reading about everything involved in fly fishing and fly tying. As the community of fly fishing writers increases daily, my personal reading blogroll has gotten longer and longer -- taking more time to cover every day.

I love the concept of content aggregation and I´ve been using great web content aggregation tools like popurls.com everyday for years. I have fantasized about building an aggregation site for the fly fishing community for a few years.

What is onlineflycentral.com all about?

Born out of this personal desire to enjoy the prolific writings of this community I am passionate about several times a day, I´ve finally gotten around to building myself a working aggregation web site. It allows me to visit the 75+ great web sites up to 3 or 4 times a day in less time than ever while reading more actual content than ever. So, after using onlineflycentral.com for few days, I thought others might enjoy it too. I hope it may even increase the audience for the blog writers in terms of users and repeat visits by making it easy to scan the RSS headlines and click directly to read the full post or article on it´s originating site.

The RSS feeds are separated into five segments: favorites, western US, middle US, eastern US, and international. Each page has a lot of internal work to do fetching the feeds but typically they render in less than 15 seconds. I think it´s worth the wait. Let me know what you think. My criteria for including a RSS feed was frequency of publishing and timeliness/currency. Many feeds are updated several times daily but most at least once a day. Sometimes, I like to reread a post, but have trouble finding it again, so I´ve set the site to fetch the most recent 10 posts each time a page is loaded.

Now that the site is born, I have many ideas I may want to try out. For example, I would like to have the same quick access to photos, video, and other types of fly fishing content. If you have suggestions or comments, please share them with me at: PRIMEAUX@PRIMEAXCESS.COM.

While I may start my own blog someday, today I just want to help bring more users to the great content on other sites and all content...ALL CONTENT (except for a few green and beige pixels on my site) is the property of the original writers, photographers, bloggers, and others, etc. I ask that you give them all the credit due them and respect their copy protection policies.

Hopefully, visitors to onlineflycentral.com will discover new fly fishing writers and artists of all types and by using this gateway others can stay well-informed and have a few extra hours a week on the water or at the tying desk

Please let me know what you think and if you have ideas that would make my site more enjoyable and useful.

Richard Primeaux
Austin, TX